Shayfer James weaves surprisingly genuine musical landscapes that evoke the gauzy, sweaty sexuality of gulf-coast barrooms and the fantastical, narcotic mysticism of a Lewis Carroll-inspired three-ring circus. Mr. James’ noir-infused, piano driven music swaggers from dark danceable anthems to harrowing ballads with jazz lilted satire and whiskey-dirt grit. Shayfer is an internationally touring songwriter/theatrical composer and performer whose music has been dubbed “New & Noteworthy” by iTunes and featured by Filter Magazine. Shayfer is currently living in Jersey City and is the creator of a local collaborative arts project called “March of Crows”, for which he composed 16 original songs based on the visual art of local painters and photographers. Shayfer will be performing with a full band on the 4th. Learn more, listen, and watch at He has released 3 albums and 3 EPs since 2010.