Hermione and the Spirit of Lafayette return to the United States of America

Exactly 130 years ago, France presented the Statue of Liberty to the U.S. in honor of liberty and Franco-American friendship. See the Hermione sail by Lady Liberty in the New York Parade of Ships on the 4th of July!

Twenty years ago, a small group dreamed of reconstructing an exact replica of General Lafayette’s 18th-century ship called the Hermione. Today, the majestic vessel is the largest and most authentically built Tall Ship in the last 150 years. The Hermione has set sail in France, launching an adventure that comes to the USA in the summer of 2015 for an unprecedented voyage.

The purpose of this Parade is to welcome Hermione and the Spirit of Lafayette back to New York Harbor.

Lafayette was instrumental in our nation winning its independence.

It will be an historic moment when we welcome Lafayette’s flagship Hermione as she passes in front of the Statue of Liberty on July 4th.

Parade Route

The Lafayette Parade will begin south of the Verrazano Bridge.  The Staging Area will be in the northwest end of Graves End Bay.

After passing under the Verrazano Bridge, the Parade will continue up the harbor to pass the Statue of Liberty.

From this point, the Parade will continue up the North River on the starboard side of the river closer to Manhattan.

When the Parade reached the Intrepid Museum, vessels will turn to port, cross the river and then head down on the New Jersey side.

Parade vessels will disburse upon approaching Morris Canal on the New Jersey side of the river.

The Hermione will continue from this area over to Governors Island where she will berth on Yankee Pier.