Based out of New Jersey, USA, Gordon James, is a sought after performer, composer, arranger, producer & recording artist preparing to make a huge splash in the International music markets. has referred to him as one of the “smooth Jazz elites on trumpet & flugelhorn.” Gordon James has been categorized with other Jazz heavyweights such as: Chris Botti, Rick Braun & Greg Adams. Stylistically, he has been compared to: Chet Baker, Miles Davis & Chuck Mangione.

Although these comparisons are quite impressive,Gordon James remains true to his craft & unique persona by weaving his own tapestry of Jazz, Latin, R&B, Hip Hop, Soul & Pop music. “My music is both funky & lyrical; the arrangements are hip & polished & the flugelhorn & muted trumpet are perfect for conveying the passion of my compositions” says James. That passion is evident in his new 2011 release ‘A New Kind of Love’ which he produced & features the vocals of Jose Loo, Lujaun Carter & the Amazing Ty Stephens. James’ is also singing for the first time on one of his CD’s which now makes him even more versatile in honing his craft. His latest offering is a unique collection of songs that has been described as Motown meets Jazz & modern R&B. James’ music is upbeat feel good music that guarantees to uplift and inspire the listener. He is poised for International success. Stay tuned for more on this incredible talent.